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Kamloops Invitational Soccer Tournament August 4th 2018

There is very little to say about the Kamloops Invitational Soccer Tournament other than its possibly one of the best preseason tournaments in British Columbia for competitive and beer league teams alike. Even with temperatures expected to reach 40 Degrees and water breaks becoming a necessity, the level of quality on display at this tournament is of the highest order.

The pitches look immaculate ahead of this highly anticipated event as per usual. McArthur Island Park is well known as one of the best maintained sporting facilities in the interior.

The tournament begins early on Saturday morning and gets underway immediately with both our men's and woman's teams games scheduled for 8:00 AM. This should at least provide a respite from the heat as both of their second games are for mid day with temperatures expected to be in the 40's.

Forest fires and smoke have been a hot topic of conversation recently however with recent air quality reports in the 8's the air is more than ideal for competitive play.

Both teams are are hoping to continue with their success of previous years and bring home some silverware to add to our years tally. We wish our teams the best! Good luck and stay hydrated.

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